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 No more racks!

Advanced Multi-room Audio

without racks of amplifiers and servers.


Revolutionise Multi-room Audio

The above image shows a traditional multi-room audio installation. A rack of amplifiers, digital signal processing and audio servers, all within a 19" data cabinet. Using high levels of power, generating excess heat and taking considerable floor or cupboard space.

We recently replaced this installation with a Loxone Audio server and Stereo Extensions.

Here is the result:


A single rail of equipment, using the latest in digital audio technology, with minimal space and power consumption. This equipment can be installed in a flush wall enclosure, similar to a normal electrical distribution board. No more large data racks are needed with this revolutionary audio system.

On listening to their new system, our client's first words were "Seriously, where's the rest of it?!"

And the Audio Server has seamless integration with the Loxone Miniserver for all your home or building automation needs.

Contact us to find out how we can use Loxone to benefit your project and protect your budget.

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